Elle Hollis


After years of songwriting, piano playing and several competitions, in 2016 Elle Hollis sets off to Stockholm to immerse herself in Scandinavian pop music. Quickly after making her first moves the young songwriter gets invited to several writing sessions with numerous international artists. All of this eventually results in her own music. Characterized by a mix consisting of urban, dance and alternative with influences from the Scandinavian pop scene. Expect catchy pop songs with fresh, electronic sounds. For fans of, amongst others Astrid S, Years&Years and NAO.

A deal with one of the world’s largest publishers Warner/Chappell already resulted in the young Elle traveling all over the world. But this is only the beginning. With record label Be Yourself Music and agency Dox Dance at her side, Elle Hollis is on her way to quickly present herself as a promising pop artist. Multiple singles have already been released, including the immersive song Locked, and it won’t take long before her first EP sees the light of day. Elle and her band are ready to bring the songs on which she has worked so hard to national and international venues.